Esthers podcast interview.

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 9.7.20

Hi all!

I hope you are all well.

Anyway, I wanted to bring your attention to my latest blog post (still cant get used to that word ‘Blog’ it makes me cringe so much! ) Anyway, I digress from my point, in this blog (😬) post, my fellow writer and friend (at least I hope I can call her that!) Sacha Black does a weekly podcast and this week she invited my Writers Bureau Tutor Esther Chiltern on to talk about her new book.

It was a very interesting listen, obviously Ive regularly communicated with Esther via email to talk about my writing but never heard her talk before.

A lot of interesting advice some of which made me smile, Esther mentioned a great new writing tool she now uses – Readily – which is a magazine app which has a staggering amount on it for only 7.99 a month – that made me laugh, as I have also signed up to this app and are finding lots of other magazines to read which I could not have done before.

Anyway, without further ado I will leave you to click on the link below to hear the podcast.


As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave any feedback below please 😀.🤓


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Its here!

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 27.6.20

Its finally here! Esthers book launch day! The first in her series, full of information and help. Go and take a look! Links in the post itself.

I cannot wait to get my own copy 😃📘

Thanks for reading.

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Your thoughts are needed…

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 17.6.20

Ive mentioned several time before about my WB tutor Esthers upcoming book.

She is now asking for some ideas from people about what they would like to see in her books.

Any ideas? Let her know here

Thanks for reading as usual 😃

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Your thoughts are needed…

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 17.6.20

Ive mentioned several time before about my WB tutor Esthers upcoming book.

She is now asking for some ideas from people about what they would like to see in her books.

Any ideas? Let her know here

Thanks for reading as usual 😃

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Goodbye Thomas’ Thomas sad departure from Silent Witness -My Review

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 23.2.20 Oh my God 😱! How am I supposed to get over the departure of Thomas in Silent Witness? It would have been bad enough to have him simply walk away from the Lyell but to be killed off? It’s too much for me to handle thats for sure. I have actually mourned his death ever since.

The ending to the latest series of Silent Witness was a complete surprise. Ok, Clarissa annnounced her intention to leave, but even then I wasn’t convinced she would leave till Liz announced she had. But for them to keep Thomas’ departure a secret was a jaw dropping moment, still disbelieving what I was witnessing unravel on screen. I had convinced myself that it was all a ploy to bring the bad guys out including seeing his face in the body bag, they would think ‘Ah we’ve killed him’ and then Thomas would reappear at the end in a massive twist and we would be fine and the fabulous foursome would be back and ok. But no, there was no massive twist, no reappearance of Thomas at the end, he was definitely dead 🥺😩😭

The hand of friendship _ Nicki and Thomas’ hands

Thomas’ is dead 😱😭

Oh and how I was left heartbroken. I never thought in a million years that Thomas would be killed off, as I said above, even at the end i was convinced he would turn up at the park with the others despite having seen his face just before they zipped up the body bag carrying in his body.

Thomas’ dead body 😢😓

As I also said above, I have been in mourning ever since, even waking up the next morning disbelieving he was dead – but that was testament to Richards superb acting of Thomas and of course the writer who wrote his character. As a writer myself, I know how much a character can become actually feel real even though it’s fiction, through fantastic writing so the character actually comes to life and becomes ‘real’ and so when they die you actually mourn their death like you would in reality.

Silent Witness, Series 23: 10. The Greater Good, Part 2: via @bbciplayer

Video credit to the BBC on IPlayer BBC

So thats the end of the awesome foursome, I really don’t know how they will rebuild the cast for me, Ok, I said the same when William left his role as Leo and in stepped Richard as Thomas, but I really don’t know how they will replace the dynamic of these four, they had built a rapport which will be a hard act to follow. 

The Awesome Foursome.

Behind the scenes – Richard with a RIP Cupcake -pic credit -Olly Keane

The last word must go to Thomas/Richard though. We will miss you Thomas! (And of course you too Richard, you played the part impeccably and that didn’t go unnoticed.

Richard as Thomas 🥰

Thanks for reading, as usual feedback is always welcome, you can leave it in the comments below 😃👇🏻




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Latest update on Esther’s book :My Latest Book – Launch Date Coming Soon…

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 8.6.20

More information on Esther’s upcoming book.

Oh…and a new one for me, learning how to reblog! 👍🏻

Thanks for reading

Sharon xx ©

Next week I’ll be announcing the launch date for my latest book, Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!). Here’s an extract from the beginning of the …

My Latest Book – Launch Date Coming Soon…
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Coming soon…..

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 26.5.20


Esther’s latest post on her upcoming book.

As in my previous posts regarding her latest upcoming book, the good news is its coming ever closer to being released and i for one am very excited! See more here

More news when its released!

Thanks for reading

Sharon xx

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Esthers latest book cover revealed!

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 10.5.20


Esthers book Cover reveal

As I’ve said in my last 2 posts here and here regarding my WB tutor Esther’s latest book, Ive been very excited at this new arrival, and we are getting closer To its publication date.

Today though, Esther revealed her book cover and I have to say I am very impressed with it! Her daughter Charlotte deserves all the credit for it as she has designed it as she did Esthers last book ‘A walk in the woods’ that cover was brilliant but this one I think Esther and Charlotte has excelled themselves

For me the cover is brilliantly simple but captivates exactly what the book is about and in itself is brilliant I think. Its well designed and informative and like I said tells you exactly what the book is about.

Based on the cover and the contents, I personally cant wait for this book to be released.

Then time to enjoy it and then review it.

Thanks for reading as usual and feedback most welcome as usual too.

Sharon xx

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Esthers new book blurb.

By sharon Harvey | Posted on 3.5.20

In my last post which can be found here I mentioned my WB tutors latest blog post regarding her latest book regarding her new series of helping writers ‘A Helping Hand for Writers’ series.

Below, I can now reveal her latest blog post revealing what the book is about, the blurb I refer too.



I cant wait 😃

Thanks for reading, feedback as usual is very much welcome

Sharon  xx


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Esthers new book – title reveal!

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 1.5.20

I heard about my Writers Bureau tutor Esther doing a non fiction book to do with writing a while ago and got very excited by it.  I chose Esther for my tutor as I heard she was the best and thats exactly what i wanted to help me ….’improve’ my writing skills, or enhance them if you will. She has certainly ‘opened’ my mind, I’m learning more and things I didn’t think was possible, I thought a different way and got a result, which was most pleasing.

I was so excited to find out that Esther was working on her third book of short stories and a novel plus a non fiction book. she revealed some time ago: “My non-fiction book is finished and the cover is being designed right now. More details to follow soon…”

Therefore, I was very excited to find Esthers latest post revealing the title of her new book and not only was it her first but the first in a series of books called A Helping Hand For Writers



Esthers new book – title reveal!

As always, thanks for reading, and feedback is always welcome.

Sharon xx

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