NaNoWriMo – Do you compete in the challenge?

By Sharon Harvey – Posted on 27th Nov 2022

I mentioned here about my thoughts on the yearly writing phenomenon that is NaNoWriMo.

We are currently near the end of the month so decided to do another post regarding the challenge.

I have previously taken part in this phenomenon before, but aside of not understanding the logistics on the site, I just couldn’t get on with it, and I kept thinking ‘why use this site or month to get work done, just do it yourself.

Thats just my opinion though, and I do know as I said above, millions do use it to get more words done on their work. Maybe I will give it another try again sometime in the future.

But what about you guys? Do you participate in the seemingly hugely successful National Novel Writing Month? Do let me know and how it helps you with your writing, maybe it will make me understand better and like I said, take part in it again.

Leave your feedback please, I always enjoy reading it, and hopefully you will also convert me to this world phenomenon again! 😃🤓👩🏻‍💻

Until next time it comes around…

Take good care of yourselves

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Publication Day!

By Sharon Harvey 17.6.22

I have been excited since I heard ages ago from my writers Bureau tutor Esther that this was coming out so now its here, I am really excited, and have ordered it! Can’t wait to get it and read the invaluable information inside 😃

Once I’ve read it I will review as usual. 😝

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my post!

Till the next time, take care and stay safe.

Sharon 🤓✍️👩🏻‍💻


I’m thrilled to announce that my how-to book, Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!), is now out in paperback. It’s a workbook with lots of tips on how to become a published writer. You’ll also find plenty of ideas for articles and short stories, as well as examples and writing exercises.

Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!) is the first in my ‘A Helping Hand For Writers’ series. Watch this space for details of the next one…

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A Step Closer

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 10.6.22

This makes me very excited! I said before, I read the sample ebook but I’m so looking forward to the paperback coming out. Have I said how excited I am?! 😝Can’t wait 😃


A long, long time ago (well, not that long ago really), my how-to book, Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!) came out as an ebook. Many of you asked if there would be a paperback version. Yes, I replied. It’ll be out soon.

Two years on, we’re almost there. Why has it taken so long? you may ask. There are too many reasons to mention, including formatting issues, health problems, a house move, new baby (not mine!) and many other trials and tribulations. But the proof copy is on its way, so hopefully it’ll be available to buy in days (ish. I’m not tempting fate!).

Want to know more about it? Here’s the blurb:

Fed up with rejection after rejection? Not sure how to target the right market, or what to write about?

Writers Bureau tutor, editor and freelance writer, Esther Chilton takes you through the necessary steps to gain publication…

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Short Story Writing Course

By Sharon Harvey | Posted on 24th May 2021

Looks interesting. Something for the future maybe. Good Luck Esther.


As many of you know, I’m a tutor for The Writers Bureau, which I thoroughly enjoy. Recently, we’ve joined the virtual teaching world and have been tutoring some Zoom courses. They’ve been great fun and have ranged from Making Money From Your Non-Fiction, to Flash Fiction, to Rediscovering Your Writing Mojo. I’ve loved teaching in this way and connecting with other writers.

I’m running an eight-week Short Story Focus course, starting next Tuesday – 24th May. We’ll cover how to open your story with an enticing hook, creating compelling characters, mastering the art of ‘show, not tell’ and much more. The course includes feedback on one of your stories.

There are still a few places available if you’re interested. You’ll find more details here. I’d love to see you there!

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Interviewing the main character.

By Sharon Harvey

Now, they always say try interviewing your characters to get in their heads and to understand them. Ive never tried it but I was most excited when I read the guest blogger on my tutor Esther blog she had actually interviewed her main character

I had never actually seen this done before, and thats why I was most excited by it.

Its gave me food for thought, and its certainly something I shall be trying out.

Read all about the interview with the main character in the link above. Enjoy the read – I did 😃

Thanks for reading as usual

Stay safe and well.

Sharon xx



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Are you the Writers Bureau student of the year?

By Sharon Harvey

I’m very excited when I saw this post from the writers Bureau Facebook page.

Am I going to compete? You bet ya! If not this year, it will be next year. And if I won it, it would be such a honour and another first for me!

Good luck everyone who enters.

Sharon x

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Abberton House By Debbie Ioanna. My review

By Sharon Harvey 


I was after reading a haunted house story, to give me inspiration for my own story I am writing. Ive read quite a few different ones, great in their own right, and this was no different.

I saw this story and converse often with its author and thought, why not, give it a go, and I was not sorry.

What a cracking ghost story.

I especially loved how Debbie brings the history into the present by getting Elizabeth of the past to be with Catherine and Bella of the present day.

I didn’t like the affair, in fact I hated the book for it and would’ve given it a 2* just for that! But a book is so much more than one part of a story and the overall story was excellent. Though I did have a question that I felt was unanswered at the end.

I was that bothered by the affair, I did something that I don’t ever do – skip chapters. Im not one of these readers that a have to read the end first, I have to read from the start to the end so chapter hopping is certainly not me, till I found out about the affair and had to find out what was going to happen before I continued. Only thing was I got as far as finding out what happened to the affair, or so I thought, so when I found out what eventually happened, I was left somewhat startled.

My bookmarks marking the separating of chapters

I can’t deny I would’ve preferred Elizabeth back with Henry and Michael to suffer a broken heart, I’m the sort of person who totally disagrees with wrecking a marriage which Michael was quite happy to do. Don’t get me wrong, he said he was totally in love with Elizabeth… but then was he? Was he infatuated with someone so kind and he knew he couldn’t have so therefore wanted?

That bit I didn’t like at all

But the overall story was very good.

Page review is here

Also on Goodreads here

Debbie’s instagram page here

5* from me  


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Memories of Christmas

By Sharon Harvey

Christmas is a time for families to enjoy, my late Mum and I certainly did. 

We would decorate the room first with those balloons and those paper bells (Remember those?!) hanging from the ceiling and other decorative Christmas stuff. Then it was time for the Christmas tree, the same love and attention went into that that went into the rest of the room, the only time it went wrong, was when I decided to try and be brave and offered to get up the ladders and do the ceiling decorations. Mum knew of my fear of heights and so was slightly concerned of why I offered but she relented and up I went up the ladder to continue where she had left off. Only it wasn’t that simple was it? No, to my utter horror, I froze and I said:



“I cant move!’ 

I couldn’t obviously see my Mums face but she tried to coax me down but to no avail, I was willing to go- my body not so much! 

Eventually, though goodness knows how, I managed to get down and back up went Mum to finish off her job that she had started.  

Anyway, we got on with the Christmas tree although my little incident didn’t go without a couple of mentions – that was us, and lots of giggles and head shakes followed!

After all that had been completed we started on the baking. We baked cakes, mince pies etc Mum told me when I was younger we had to make more Mince Pies as Santa loved them, which I found out when I left one out for him when I went to bed Christmas Eve night to wake up Christmas Morning and it had gone. 

Talking of which, I had gone to bed to await Santa’s visit and the next morning when I woke up, my eyes widened at al the presents at the end of my bed.  I would tear the paper off of them and then run downstairs and be astounded at the amount of presents awaiting for me under the tree, remembering what had been up on my bed. 

Over the years our custom continued, the decorating of the room (though I never offered to get up the ladder again, quite possibly to everyone’s relief!), the Christmas tree and the baking. Once again, more mince pies were baked though it did then occur too me that I had realised Mum loved Mince pies….

‘Those mince pies were never for Santa were they, they were for you!’ I turned to say to her. 

Her reply? A smirk. 

Since her death over Christmas I had really mixed feelings about it. Do I still enjoy it and remember the fun times we had or remember what had been cruelly ripped from me? 

I did hate it for a while but after I thought about it, whilst I think she would probably have ‘allowed’ me to feel upset over Christmas because of her death, I think she would have then said ‘Ok come on, now start enjoying it for me, for us for what it meant to us and our enjoyment of the time’

Now, I go to her grave with a wreath – wearing my Christmas hat, and I can see her laughing like mad at the sight!

And she would have loved the Santa sleigh that now comes around, which didn’t back then, with Santa on his Christmas Sleigh with Christmas songs blaring out, Santa waving at you and wishing you a Happy Christmas. She certainly would have had a selfie with him and no doubt the mince pies would have been mentioned!

Happy Christmas Mum, and thanks for the memories, love and miss you always.

Sharon xxxx

**I was most honoured and pleased to be featured on my writing tutor Esther’s blog, you can find my ‘Memories of Christmas article here **





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Lorraine Mace Column – who relates?

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Charlotte’s new shop

By Sharon Harvey Posted on 15.12.21

My writing tutor Esther’s daughter Charlotte has a gift of making earrings. A sample of her work is below. I particularly picked book earrings because of my love of writing and books. But maybe your love is something completely different and Charlotte has numerous crafty earrings on different things.

Go take a look at Charlotte’s shop after all Christmas is coming! 

Charlotte’s product. Book earrings which I love 😃

Thanks for reading

Sharon x

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